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Set Mini Kecutkan Jerawat All Skin Types

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Set Mini Kecutkan Jerawat All Skin Types

What's so special about this Set Mini Kecutkan Jerawat All Skin Types?  

The "Set Mini Kecutkan Jerawat All Skin Types" collection is a complete set of 4 meticulously designed skincare products from Youthful Radiance Dr. Anne Skincare,  catering to both day and night routines. 

A hybrid skincare product that combines the functions of micellar water and hydrating essence. It contains nano micelles that effectively clean pores from cosmetic residue and impurities effectively without drying out the skin. A special plant-derivative extract called Anhydroxylitol in the formulation works to increase the hydration level and strengthening the outer skin layer by 13.5% within 24 hours.

Also, contains Advance Skin Repair Serum formulated to intensively moisturize and improve skin condition. It will tighten, brighten and reduce skin fatigue. The combination of peptides and ceramides activates and stimulates the rebuilding of the skin barrier, making the skin look brighter and smoother.

Size: 35ml, 15ml, & 9ml

How to use?

You will get flyers that include step by step on how to use this skincare set.

Item in the buckets?

1. 1 unit Mini Youthful Radiance Advance Skin Repair Serum   

2. 1 unit Mini Youthful Radiance Calming Micellar H2O  

3. 2 unit Mini Mini Youthful Radiance Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence

4. Flyer Guidelines 1 pc